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Here's a little background about these songs.

I was stationed in Germany and living on a base as an Army solder in 1987. I lived in a small room that was just large enough to have four beds and four wall lockers. I had a desire to write and record songs but it was difficult at best with the situation. I was playing in a local band so I had a twelve string guitar, a classical guitar, and a beat up 1957 Fender Telecaster but I could only keep one guitar at a time in my room. Being young and impulsive, I ignored all the obvious problems and ordered a four track Tascam cassette recorder. When I finally found the time to use it I realized there was a problem with the erase head. I had waited too long and it could not be returned. This meant that I couldn't record over tracks once they were recorded so all recordings had to be right (or as right as possible) on the first take. If I made a large enough mistake, I had to throw the tape out and start over. Having little money I didn't do this very often. I also had the problem of background noise as an Army barracks is not the quietest place. My solution was to start late at night after everyone had gone to sleep. Having three roommates I had to play as quiet as possible and nearly whisper into the mic. The recorder sat on a small stand and I sat on the edge of the bed with my guitar as close to the mic as possible. The lead guitar parts were played through a chorus effect or just with the echo on the recorder. My roommates were either heavy sleepers or didn't care about the noise. I know these songs are far from perfect but I was proud of the finished projuct considering what I had to work with. The twelve songs were completed in about two weeks. I hope you enjoy these and if you do, some of these songs were professionally recorded on the Bridge CD "Untold Story". They are available on this site. My good friend Tom Harman gave the almost twenty nine year old cassette to Bruce Kane. Bruce, another good friend, kindly converted the cassette to digital and it is now posted here. Bruce also recorded the Bridge recordings at Sterling Productions. Thank you Tom and Bruce! -- Posted July 21, 2016

Song Author
The Ones That Last 5.8 MB
I Must Have Been a Fool 5.1 MB
Maybe It's Not You 5.8 MB
Cold Women 4.7 MB
When It All Begins 6.7 MB
Just Friends 6.1 MB
Do You Know? 5.9 MB
Lonely Lives 4.6 MB
Far Away 3.8 MB
Hypnotized 7.6 MB
Why 5.2 MB
Always a Chill 7.3 MB

Do You Know?

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